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EuroBuzz European Cell Phone Offer

European Cell Phone

Having a cell phone with you while traveling is great for peace of mind, but you don't want to constantly be worrying what each phone call is costing you. That's why EuroBuzz works everywhere in Europe and gives you the simplest tariff available today; every call is just 79c/min while you're in Europe. And we mean every call, including outgoing calls to ANYWHERE in the world, like back to the USA.

*Now works in the U.S.!* Blu Zoey

Our NEW Eurobuzz Europe Cell Phone now works in over 190 countries including the US. This means you can test our service before you travel and you can also use our phone at the airport before you fly and it will only cost you our flat rate 79c/minute.

'The 3-Minute Guide to EuroBuzz'
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See EuroBuzz's coverage and how 79c/min compares:

Currently viewing rates for:
Please choose a country above
EuroBuzz AT&T Verizon T-Mobile Sprint Rogers*
Incoming calls
(from any country in this world)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Outgoing calls within the same country --- --- --- --- --- ---
Outgoing calls to anywhere in Europe --- --- --- --- --- ---
Outgoing calls to anywhere in the world
(including the USA)
--- --- --- --- --- ---
Send text message to any country --- --- --- --- --- ---
Receive text messages from any country --- --- --- --- --- ---

All charges are billed in US dollars per minute. The EuroBuzz rates shown above apply both to calls made to and from cell phones and landlines.
Competitor call rates were taken from their websites on 1 January, 2015
* call rates for Rogers are shown in Canadian Dollars
The EuroBuzz SIM works in many other countries around the world. For call charges in countries not listed above, please view our rates here.

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$49 Now $29

Blu Zoey

Blu Zoey Handset
More Info

EuroBuzz Sim Card

EuroBuzz SIM Card

Multi-voltage charger

Multi-voltage Charger

Service details:

Get the 79c/min flat rate in Europe (as shown below)

Just one number that works around Europe for life

No other charges other that the flat rate calls you make

No minimum usage so you can call as little or often as you need

Automatically uses the strongest signal in the area

24/7 FREE customer support and online account

Plus, you get a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

To make sure you're completely happy with your EuroBuzz service, you get a full 60 days to try out your EuroBuzz service first. If for any reason you're not happy, you can get a full refund of your purchase price.

$49 Now $29

Shipping costs

Standard Shipping
2 - 5 business days

Priority by 3pm
next business day by 3pm

Priority by 10:30am
next business day by 10:30am

Saturday Shipping
by noon





We use FedEx for our shipping

More information about our shipping options

The #1 reason why customers picked EuroBuzz

Every new EuroBuzz customer receives a short survey so we, at EuroBuzz HQ, can learn what we’re doing right (and what we need to improve on). Here are the top reasons why our existing customers picked EuroBuzz.

Hopefully, their answers will help you work out if EuroBuzz is best for you too...

Why people choose EuroBuzz graph Why people choose EuroBuzz graph

Customer Review

Dear EuroBuzz,

My name is Kaitlin Stilwell, and I'm based in New York. I purchased a EuroBuzz phone to take with me on my two week trip to England to visit postgraduate programs; it was important to me that I had both a reliable means of getting in touch with people, but also a local number at which these programs could easily contact me.

My EuroBuzz phone worked brilliantly! Not only was in incredibly easy to use, but my service and connection were superlative. It was absolutely the best option imaginable for me. I plan to be taking several more trips over to England in the course of this year and I'm so glad to know that I won't have to worry about my phone whilst I'm over there. Thanks so much for your great service!

With gratitude,
Kaitlin Stilwell, NY

Media Review

Los Angeles Times

In Terry Gardner’s article;

'Smart Phones can be a costly travel companion'

which discusses your options for taking your own smart phone overseas, he reported that...

"...EuroBuzz often has better rates."

This is because ALL calls you make using EuroBuzz are just $0.79/min, making them not only affordable, but very simple to remember too!

Customer Review


Posted by a user on Fodor's Europe travel forum:

"Hi DerViking, have you looked at www.eurobuzz.com?

I bought one of their phones last month for a trip to Berlin and Rome and it worked really well in both places.

Also, the overall cost of their package is cheaper than the above options - $49 for the phone AND sim (plus $10 shipping if I remember correctly).

At the time, they were offering a free travel adaptor too. I'm not sure if that is still available, have a look.

Have a good trip anyway."

Customer Review

Below are some responses from the survey we send out to all new EuroBuzz customers, asking why they picked EuroBuzz:

"EuroBuzz gave me an inexpensive way of just paying for cell phone use while in Europe on a short trip. This is all I want. My other phone service is with Verizon. Because I use pre-paid, I would need to sign up for a 6 month (very expensive) plan and buy a very expensive phone. Since I'm only planning on being in Italy for one week, I figure this is overkill (no matter how many fancy features they throw in). It is more useful just to pay for the phone and, except for the price of calls, not have any commitments beyond that."

"Cost -- it was a combo, really. Cost/call, the ability to use over and over, you can put it away until your next trip and not pay anything (ownership of the phone),and that with our 'regular' plan, after 30 calls, your plan is paid for!"

"My sister-in-law suggested your service for our up and coming trip to Italy. It was very easy to order and seemingly easy activation."

"The fact that everything was included - even the gift set of adaptors. The most important was that you offered a money back guarantee if we aren't satisfied."

"Actually your website is wonderfully uncluttered and very clear about what the services are. At Verizon, I had to lookup two FAQ's which didn't tell me anything dig through 3 layers of web pages to find what I'm looking for."

"I looked at everything that came up in my Google search. EuroBuzz seemed to be the simplest and moderately priced."

"I looked at many rental cell phone options (travelcomm, cellularabroad and many more) as well as a couple of purchase options. EuroBuzz was the easiest to understand, most affordable and quickest."

"First, I looked at Sprint (we don't like them to begin with, and their overseas program was worse! Their rentals were amazingly high prices!), and then at about six others -- two rentals, and the others plans like yours -- I wish I remember their names! The other plans 'like' yours ALL cost a LOT more -- you had to pay a minimum of $20 for the SIM, on top of the same or higher cost of the phone, and higher per call rates."

EuroBuzz FAQ:

This section should contain all the information you need to know about your EuroBuzz service.

Just click on a question to reveal the answer

General Topics

1. Who are EuroBuzz?

I know it may look like we are young and fresh-faced, but our beauty is only skin deep...

Behind the scenes we're really a bunch of grizzled, cell phone service veterans. Some of us have been involved with international cell phones for over 20 years - that's nearly as long as they've existed on Earth! (that's the cell phones, not EuroBuzz staff).

Over that time we've seen many services come and go, but most importantly, we've studied what makes a cell phone service work for you. And now we've put all this experience together, partnered with Vodafone (the world's largest cell phone provider) and O2, and developed EuroBuzz.

The basic idea behind EuroBuzz is to make it the best quality, and easiest to use cell phone service for Europe, while keeping it at an affordable price. And what's more important than that?

2. What type of traveler is EuroBuzz designed for?

Travelers who want an easy and flexible service.

If you’re heading to Europe, and you’re looking for a cell phone service that is not only affordable, but also very easy to understand what you’re calls are costing you, then EuroBuzz is your best choice thanks to our 79c/min flat rate on every type of call you can make.

Also, if you want a service which is flexible to your travel plans, then EuroBuzz is right for you because you only pay for calls as and when you make them, and it costs you nothing the rest of the time when you’re not traveling.

3. Which countries do you class as 'Europe'?

In Europe-classed countries every call you can make is just 79c/min. The following countries are what we have classed as Europe:

4. Will my EuroBuzz phone work outside of Europe?

Yes. Your EuroBuzz service will also work in the following countries, but all calls in these countries are rated as following:

Incoming Calls $1.95
Outgoing Calls $3.95
Send Text Messages $0.95
Receive Text Messages FREE
Data Usage $0.11 per 10KB

Please note our Europe Cell Phone works throughout Europe and also many other countries around the world, however there are some countries outside of Europe where the phone will not work. Please contact us if you need information for a specific country.

5. I already own an unlocked GSM handset, can I just buy the EuroBuzz SIM card?

Yes. If you’re confident that your handset is unlocked, and works on the correct GSM frequency for the countries you plan to visit, you can click here to buy a EuroBuzz SIM card

6. What Phone Number Do I Get?

Your Eurobuzz Phones will have both a US and a European phone number included for FREE.

The USA number should be useful for your friends and family back home to contact you. You could even forward calls from your US cellphone or home phone to this number so you don’t miss any calls while traveling.

The European number is much better for your local European contacts to call you on.

Not answered your question? Ask it here >>

Ordering and Shipping

1. Are there any shipping deadlines?

Below are our shipping options. To achieve these times you must place your order before 3:30PM EST.

Standard FedEx
2-5 business days
Standard Overnight FedEx
next business day by 3pm
Priority Overnight Shipping
next business day by 10:30am
Saturday Morning FedEx
by noon

2. Can I cancel and return my EuroBuzz service?

Yes. You are free to cancel your EuroBuzz service anytime.

If you decide to cancel and return within 60 days of purchase, you’ll also be refunded your purchase price as part of your money-back guarantee.

3. What payment options are there?

Payment of your EuroBuzz service, and future billing for any calls you make is all done by credit card. You can use any of the following types of credit card:


4. Does EuroBuzz come ready to use?

Yes and no.

Your EuroBuzz service comes with all equipment you need to use it, so no additional purchases are needed. You just need to insert the battery and fully charge it.

Eurobuzz Europe Cell Phone works in over 190 countries including the US. This means you can test our service before you travel and you can also use our phone at the airport before you fly and it will only cost you our flat rate 79c/minute.

5. Will I be able to track my shipping?

Yes. Once you’ve ordered you’ll receive a tracking number by email so you can keep tabs on your order.

6. Is this website secure to order from?

Yes. This website is both SSL secure and is independently checked daily by McAfee’s Hacker Safe service.

Not answered your question? Ask it here >>

Charges and Billing

1. Are there any extra or hidden charges on the calls?

No. The call charges quoted on this website are the exact rates you will see on your invoice.

2. Are the call charges the same whether to landlines or cell phones?

Yes. The call charges we quote are the same whether to landlines or cell phones.

3. Are the calls charged per minute?

Yes. When you’re charged for calls, we will always round up to the next full minute. For example, a call of 1 minute 45 seconds will be billed as a 2-minute call.

4. Are there any activation, deactivation or call set up fees?

No. The only charges you’ll pay with EuroBuzz are your purchase costs, and then any calls you make at the rate quoted on this page.

5. When am I billed for calls?

You are automatically billed to your credit card for any calls you’ve made. Charges are taken as and when we receive call data from the networks.

Once all the calls for your trip have been accounted for, you won’t be billed for anything again until your next trip when you use the service.

6. How do I see my bills?

Once you’ve purchased, you’ll be sent login details for your online account. This means you can check your account 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

7. How much will it cost friends to call me from the US?

Your Eurobuzz phone comes with both a US and a European number. Friends calling your US number will be charged at their carrier’s rate for a call from the US to a US cell phone number. If they call your European number from the US it will be charged at their carrier’s rate of a call from the US to a UK cell phone number.

8. What currency am I billed in?

You will be billed in USD.

Not answered your question? Ask it here >>

Using EuroBuzz

1. What will my number be?

Your EuroBuzz phone comes with both a US number and a European cell phone number.

This means you’ll have a US number for friends and family to call you on and a European number for contacts traveling with you across Europe, meaning your contacts don’t even need to know which country you’re in to reach you.

2. What is the handset like?

We only provide handsets which we find are easy to use and reliable. This ensures that you find the process of making and receiving calls as easy as possible.

3. What is the coverage and call quality like?

You can check the coverage for the country you’re visiting by clicking on the coverage link that appears beneath the rates box on this page.

Your EuroBuzz service will automatically pick the strongest cell phone signal of all the carriers available where you are, so theoretically, you should always have the strongest signal available to all cell phone users in that area, including the locals.

You also have the option to manually select signals if you find the one automatically chosen is experiencing problems.

4. Is EuroBuzz easy to use?

Dialing international numbers can seem confusing the first time you try it, however, EuroBuzz uses a fixed format so no matter which country you’re in, or dialing to, you always follow the same steps.

This means once you’ve tried it first time, you’ll find it easy for all your future calls.

We also make sure the handsets we supply are not overly complicated, and just focus on making the basics of making calls and sending text messages easy.

5. Do I need to do anything when I go into a new country?

No. EuroBuzz will work seamlessly as you arrive in each country or cross borders, so you don’t need to change anything with the phone.

6. What happens when I'm not traveling?

You just switch your EuroBuzz phone off and pack it away ready for next time. The only time you’re billed is if you’re making calls on your travels.

7. Will my number expire if I'm inactive for a long period of time?

No. The idea behind EuroBuzz is that you can use it as little or as much as you need. This means if you don’t travel for a year or two, you’re EuroBuzz service will remain active and ready for when you need it next.

8. Is there a voicemail service?

Yes. If you’d like to activate voicemail so you never miss a call, you’ll find the instructions included when you receive your EuroBuzz package.

9. Can I send text messages using EuroBuzz?


10. Do you offer customer support?

Yes. You can call our customer service free from your EuroBuzz phone 24/7, should you have any problems.

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EuroBuzz Compared To Other Services

1. Why is EuroBuzz better than using my own cell phone?

Even if your own cell phone carrier offers a service that works in Europe, EuroBuzz could still be a better option for you:

a) Your carrier may require you to upgrade your handset, or your service plan to call in Europe, making it more expensive.

b) Your carrier may not be able to accurately tell you how much your calls will cost you, compared to EuroBuzz where you automatically know up front the cost of every call you could make.

c) With EuroBuzz you can control who can call you while you’re away by only giving them your Europe number. If you had your regular cell phone number, anybody could call you anytime of day because they don’t know you’re out of the country.

2. Why is EuroBuzz better than using local SIM cards?

Local SIM cards are provided by each country in Europe, giving you a local and number and local rates within that country. You then load amounts of call credit on them in advance of making your calls.

a) You should find that the cost to purchase the EuroBuzz package is far more affordable than the cost to buy an unlocked handset and a SIM card for each country you’re visiting individually.

b) If you’re traveling to more than one country, you’ll have to keep your contacts updated of which number you’re using each time you cross a border and switch SIM cards.

c) With local SIM cards you risk running out of call credit in the middle of a call. With EuroBuzz you’re always connected, no matter how many calls you need to make.

3. Why is EuroBuzz better than renting a cell phone?

You can rent a cell phone service short-term for the period of your trip, but you’ll probably find that the rental cost for just a week or two’s trip is equal to the purchase price of EuroBuzz, which is then yours to keep and use on every future trip you make.

Not answered your question? Ask it here >>

Blu Zoey EuroBuzz Phone

Blu Zoey

Ideal for travel; this phone is easy to use, compact and has a really long battery life.

Technical Information

GSM Frequencies

2G Network: GSM 850/ 900 / 1800 / 1900

Phone Body

Dimensions: 110 x 45.7 x 13 mm
Weight: 65 g

Phone Display

Display Type: TFT 65k colors
Display Size: 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inch screen


Alert types: Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Loudspeaker: Yes
3.5mm headphone jack: Yes


Phonebook: 1000 contacts


Primary: VGA, 640 x 480 pixels
Video: Yes


Li-Ion 800 mAh battery
Stand-by: Up to 750 h (2G)
Talk time: Up to 14 h (2G)


Messaging: SMS
Flashlight: Yes

Please note: occasionally, we may supply a different handset of equal or greater specification.


Samsung EuroBuzz Phone

Samsung GT-E1080i

Ideal for travel; this phone is easy to use, compact and has a really long battery life.

Technical Information

Network: GSM 900 / 1800
Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.8 x 0.6 in
Weight: 2.3 oz
Display Type: Color
Display Size: 128 x 128 pixels
Ringtones: Polyphonic with MP3 ringtones
Vibration: Yes
Messaging: SMS
Browser: None
Games: Yes
Useful applications: Calendar, clock, alarm, currency converter, calculator, stopwatch, countdown timer, memo book
GPRS: None
Bluetooth: None
Speakerphone: Yes
Stand-by: Up to 550 h
Talk time: Up to 7 h 30 min

Please note: occasionally, we may supply a different handset of equal or greater specification.

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However, if you've started to research European cell phone services, you might be confused by the different options available, and unable to decipher which is right for you. Get it wrong and it may end up costing you more than you thought, or not working when you really need it to.

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