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How to Send a Text Message on your Blu Zoey Cell Phone

Now that we have contacts in our phone book we can learn how to send a text message. Select Menu > Select Messaging > Press the confirm key > Select option 1 Write Message > OK > Enter your message Remember to touch the key the appropriate number of times for the letter you require… Read the full article


How to Add Contacts to your Blu Zoey Cell Phone

It’s important when adding contacts to save them with the correct international dialing code (see our previous post on how to dial internationally). So if you’re saving contact numbers of  family and friends back in the US, you must use the +1 prefix. E.g +1 646 200 5876 for the EuroBuzz support number. To add… Read the full article


How to Dial Internationally on your Blu Zoey Cell Phone

Now that we have the phone set up and running it is important that you know how to dial internationally, this is why you purchased your EuroBuzz Phone after all! We have even included some examples below! To dial internationally start by pressing and holding the star key to get the + symbol.    … Read the full article


How to Set the Date and Time on your Blu Zoey Cell Phone

To set the date and time on your Blu Zoey Phone first Press Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Time and date.   Set home city > Select city closest to home > OK.       Set time/date > HH:MM > DD/MM/YYYY > Save. Step 6: How to Dial Internationally. If you need… Read the full article


How to Lock and Unlock your Blu Zoey Handset

Your Blu Zoey Cell Phone comes with automatic keypad locking which is set to 15 seconds. This means if you don’t touch any of the buttons for 15 seconds your phone will automatically lock. This feature is designed to prevent you from accidentally pressing the buttons whilst the handset is in your pocket or handbag…. Read the full article


How to Turn on your Blu Zoey Handset

Now that you have charged your phone, let’s find out how to turn on the Blu Zoey Handset. To turn on your Blu Zoey phone, hold the End Call/ON/OFF key (See image below) for 3 seconds until the BLU logo appears. Your phone will now boot up. Keys and Functions We’ve already had an overview… Read the full article


How to Charge the Battery on your Blu Zoey Cell Phone

Before you can turn on your Blu Zoey handset you will need to charge the battery. We have already inserted the battery as shown on our previous post, now it’s time to connect the charger. Your BLU Zoey handset comes with an American charger. Connect the charger to the wall outlet and connect the charger… Read the full article


How to Insert the Battery into your Blu Zoey Cell Phone

Now that you are familiar with the exterior of your Blu Zoey Handset, This post will talk you through the first stage of setting up your new phone, inserting the battery. Don’t forget, you can download the full quick start guide here. 1. To insert the battery you first need to remove the back cover… Read the full article


How To Guide: Your Blu Zoey Europe Cell Phone

Your trip to Europe is booked, your EuroBuzz Phone has arrived and now it’s time to get your phone set up and running so you don’t lose touch with friends and family during your trip. After listening to some valuable feedback recently we have found that our customers would like a little help when setting… Read the full article

New Quick Start Manual for your Blu Zoey Handset

Here at Eurobuzz, we love to hear the thoughts and views of our customers – whether it is good or bad! Every bit of feedback from you helps us learn how to make our service even better and improve your experience with us. After seeing the results of a recent survey, we have been working… Read the full article

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