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Switzerland by Train

Yodel Like a Local: How to Find Your Way Through Switzerland

Switzerland offers stunning architecture, friendly townsfolk and unparalleled mountain views. A land-locked country, it offers extensive transit access to regions within its borders. Whether you want a cross-country train excursion or a guided tour of local delights, Switzerland is an ideal travel destination. Buying Tickets Unless you plan to meet relatives at the airport or… Read the full article

Flamenco Guitar Player

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Europe – Spain

There’s only one way to see the world (we mean really see it, not on a screen) and that’s by traveling. One of the most popular areas for Americans to explore is Europe. Frequently called the “Old Country” or the “Old World,” the countries of Europe are where much of the cultural heritage of the… Read the full article

New airport security checks on electronics

Traveling with Electronics – New Airport Security Rules

At the beginning of July the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson announced new security measures at certain airports with direct flights to the United States. The new security checks may see travelers being asked to power up their electronics including cell phones and tablets prior to boarding a flight. Any devices which fail to… Read the full article

EuroBuzz Europe Cell Phone

5 Tips to Stop you Picking the Wrong Cell Phone Service for Europe

So, you’re traveling to Europe and you’ve decided you need a European cell phone to aid you on your travels and to keep in contact with friends and family whilst you’re away from home. It’s a sensible idea… …not only will you be able to check reservations on the go and keep your family back… Read the full article

You can use a EuroBuzz European Cell Phone here

The Worlds Best Airports

Some of us have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with airports. In most cases they are an essential part of our travel plans, yet we loathe so many aspects of this part of our journey – whether that’s waiting times, delays, customer service or poor facilities. However, believe it your not, there are some outstanding airports out… Read the full article

Leeds Castle

Europe’s Best Castles

Many countries in Europe have castles, or châteaux, etched on the landscape. They serve as a reminder to the native population of what once was. Some are even still lived within by the wealthy and heads of states. Often we think of castles as dark, dank places with dungeons, or as something from a fairy… Read the full article

New airport security checks on electronics

10 Tips For Getting First Class Upgrades

Which ever way you look at it, traveling to Europe from the US is a long ol’ journey, and in a perfect world we could all do it first class. So take a look at our top 10 tips for getting first class upgrades. I’m sure that extra leg room, seats that fold down into… Read the full article


European Cell Phones – Buying vs Renting

European cell phones are great… if you’re traveling to Europe for a vacation or for work, it’s a really good idea to take a European cell phone with you. It can make things go much smoother as you can organize everything on the move, plus it gives you a valuable lifeline in an emergency. But… Read the full article

The London Eye

A Guide2 London

Why go? – History, Architecture and Culture Unusual Fact – Over 300 languages spoken by the local London population Places to Visit Tate Modern Many Britons regard high culture with suspicion. Yet this gallery devoted to modern art effortlessly pulls in the punters and locals as well as the tourists, and ranks among London’s most-visited… Read the full article

Europe Color Map

How to Stay Safe Traveling in Europe

When looked at on a global scale, Europe is generally one of the safer areas of the world to travel in. However, like anywhere, even the most picturesque cities and towns in Europe can have their dark sides. Everywhere that tourists go, opportunists will also go for any easy pickings they can get. However, with… Read the full article

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