Traveling to Europe?
Get Unlimited Data and Unlimited Texts

Plus, get calls for only 30¢ per minute

europe unlimited package

Europe Unlimited SIM

$50 for 1 month

available as SIM only or with a handset

...With the new Europe Unlimited Plan, you can wave goodbye to unexpected bills...

You get FREE, unlimited data, so you can browse the web, email, use maps, travel apps and social media as much as you like. You get FREE, unlimited incoming & outgoing texts so you can easily keep in touch with friends and family. No limits, no caps, no expensive overage charges or hidden fees – data & texts really are unlimited!

Plus, you get all calls at just 30¢ per minute – even calls back home to the US!

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We are recommended by Los Angeles Times
"...EuroBuzz often has better rates."

All Inclusive, Unlimited Data & Texts – with calls at just 30¢!

Your new Europe Unlimited SIM gives you FREE, unlimited data & texts - and all calls at 30¢ per minute throughout most of Europe and in many other countries too!

In your Europe Unlimited Countries you get...

Free unlimited texts & data AND all calls 30¢ per minute

Including All Incoming & Outgoing Calls, All Domestic & International Calls

Aland Islands
Antigua & Barbuda
British V.I.
Canary Islands
China Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
Dutch Antilles
Easter Island
El Salvador
Faroe Islands
French Guiana
French West Indies
Hong Kong
Netherland Antilles
New Zealand
Northern Ireland
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
Sint Maarten
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Martin
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos
United Kingdom
Vatican City

*When using your Europe Unlimited SIM in the USA, the following rates apply:
Incoming & outgoing text:
Incoming calls:
Outgoing domestic calls:
30¢ per minute
30¢ per minute
(additional charges may apply to services such as 411 Directory Assistance, etc)
Outgoing international calls:
$4.99 per minute
When using your Europe Unlimited SIM in countries not listed above, including Cruise Ships / Ferries and Airplanes, the following rates apply:
Incoming texts:
Outgoing texts:
Incoming and Outgoing calls:
99¢ per message
$5.99 per minute

Now you can finally use Cellular Data overseas with confidence

Europe Unlimited SIM
  • Afraid of turning on “data roaming” because you don't know how much you will use or pay?
  • Worried that your data will end up costing you thousands of dollars?
  • Frustrated trying to understand all that Megabyte and Gigabyte jargon?

With the Europe Unlimited Plan, your worries are over:

Here’s our promise to you…

We GUARANTEE that we will never bill you
for any data charges – period!

So, for the first time, you can use data as you travel and be confident that you won’t pay a penny – zip, nada, nothing!!!

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Is data really unlimited? What’s the catch?

Yes! Data is totally unlimited so you really can use as much as you like. There are no limits, no caps and no overage charges – just pure, unlimited data – all-inclusive for one month for just $50. Now you can finally browse the internet, check your emails, post to Facebook, Tweet, check maps, find places to stay, research places to visit, etc, etc… all with no limits and no additional fees!


To my surprise, the EuroBuzz SIM really did have unlimited data! On our trip through France, Germany & Belgium we really tested it out! We were able to check maps and book hotels on my iPhone as we traveled – and the kids were able to keep in touch with their friends on Facebook. It certainly made our trip smoother - & it was great to know that we were not going to face a huge bill when we got home!


Who else gives you unlimited data & texts?
Plus calls at only 30¢!

Yes, you get unlimited data & texts, but there are times when an email or a text just won’t cut it. Flight canceled or delayed? Emergency at home? We hope that the worst won’t happen, but, if it does, you need to know that you can make that important call & that your contacts can reach you in an emergency. That’s why we’re giving you low call rates too…

In your Europe Unlimited Countries, you get ALL your calls for just 30¢ per minute, including ALL inbound calls and ALL outbound calls – domestic and international!

Plus, there’s no need to pay for bundles of calls in advance that you won’t use – if you make or receive any calls, usage will be billed to your credit card. You can even view your itemized calls in your secure online account so that you always know exactly what you’re paying.

On top of all that, your Europe Unlimited SIM gives you top quality calls! Your SIM uses multiple international networks in each country which means you get the best coverage – wherever you are.

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Warning: Other international SIMs DO NOT give the same crystal-clear call quality that you get from EuroBuzz!

That's because the Europe Unlimited SIM automatically uses whichever foreign network in the area has the strongest signal. You therefore get the best call quality available to humankind, wherever you travel, GUARANTEED. Amazingly, you get better coverage than most of the locals get! (How unfair!)

Plus, with your Europe Unlimited SIM, you get a regular US phone number – with an area code local to where you live. That way, your friends and family can call you as you travel – at no extra cost to them. You can even forward your calls from your existing US cellphone, so that you won’t miss any important calls as you travel!


The Europe Unlimited SIM was perfect for keeping in touch when my flight home was canceled. I was able to make alternative arrangements and call home to let my family know what was happening - all for just 30¢ per minute. Thanks EuroBuzz!


Don’t use your own cellphone overseas before reading this…

…Sure your own cellphone may work overseas, but do you really know what you are paying for the privilege..? Beware hidden roaming fees and charges on calls and texts, but, most importantly, check the small print on your data charges. Even if you are paying a low price per MB, you need to be aware that you can still easily rack up a high bill - without even realising. Your phone or tablet is capable of running data in the background – and can be stacking up charges even as you sleep! Sure, you can use WiFi, but, do you really want to spend your trip desperately seeking out the nearest café with a WiFi Hotspot – or leaning out of your hotel room window trying to pick up the WiFi signal from the lobby?!

With EuroBuzz, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges – and you no longer need to be afraid of turning on data as you travel. With your Europe Unlimited SIM, you have the freedom to use as much data as you like – all-in with your $50 purchase price.


I visit Italy every year. Before buying the Europe Unlimited SIM, I was terrified of turning on “Data Roaming” on my smartphone. I used my EuroBuzz SIM on my most recent trip & it worked great! I was using data on my phone just as I do at home – Facebook, Twitter, emails, maps - all for just $50! I don’t know how I ever managed without it!



I've experienced Bill Shock after coming back from a trip to Europe using my own US cellphone. I bought a Europe Unlimited SIM to use with my iPad. I love having the freedom to use data again without the worry of returning home to high bills!

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How does it work?

It’s easy to get your Europe Unlimited SIM! Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be traveling with unlimited data and texts in no time at all!


1. Choose whether you need a SIM-only or a Phone + SIM
If you already have an unlocked phone or tablet, you can simply purchase a SIM to use in your own device. If you don’t have a compatible device, purchase a phone too (our phones are unlocked, so you can use them with other SIMs too!)


2. Click “Select Package” and enter your details
It only takes 2 minutes to fill in your details and then your order will be on its way! We’ll email you tracking details so you can track your package.


3. Activate your SIM
When you receive your package, simply follow the quick instructions to log-in and tell us the date that you would like your service to start. We’ll activate your service for one month (30 days) from the date you request.


4. Enjoy your trip!
And enjoy using unlimited data and texts as you travel! Don’t forget you get calls at 30¢ per minute too!


5. Return home
When you have finished using your SIM, there is no need to contact us or return it; Simply destroy the SIM by cutting or shredding, and dispose of it responsibly.


Everything was easy! You just go online to activate the SIM for the dates of your trip – no activation fees is a nice bonus too!


Your Europe Unlimited Plan is available as:

Europe Unlimited SIM and phone

Your Europe Unlimited Plan is...

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The #1 reason why customers picked EuroBuzz

Every new EuroBuzz customer receives a short survey so we, at EuroBuzz HQ, can learn what we’re doing right (and what we need to improve on). Here are the top reasons why our existing customers picked EuroBuzz.

Hopefully, their answers will help you work out if EuroBuzz is best for you too...

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited texts
  • Low call rates
  • US phone number – cheap & easy for friends & family to reach you
  • Great coverage throughout Europe
  • No contract, no commitment
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money back quatantee

Plus, order RISK FREE with our Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be totally delighted with your EuroBuzz SIM. If you are not totally delighted with your SIM for any reason, simply and return it to us. As long as your Sim has not been activated, we’ll give you a full, prompt, no-hassle refund.

See terms & conditions

Shipping Rates

SIM Phone + SIM
Standard Shipping
2-5 business days
- -
Priority by 3pm
Next business day by 3pm
- -
Priority by 10:30am
Next business day by 10:30am
- -
Saturday Shipping
By noon
- -

Delivered to you by FedEx

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQs below...

Is data really unlimited?

Yes! Really! Data is absolutely, totally, completely unlimited!

There are no limits or caps – and no additional data charges – simply use data as much as you like!

You can check your emails, find your way around with maps, check restaurant recommendations, upload photos to Facebook – simply use as much data as you like for absolutely no extra charge!!!

What kind of data speed can I expect?

In most countries, data speeds are limited to 128 kilobits per second. This should be perfect for most data activities, such as web browsing, emailing, posting to Facebook, etc. – in fact, all those things you need to do to make the folks at home jealous of your trip!

Can I use my own device (phone, tablet, etc.) with the EuroBuzz SIM?

Yes! If you’re confident that your device is unlocked, and works on the correct GSM frequency for the countries you plan to visit, you can simply purchase a SIM to use in your own handset/tablet, etc.

For most countries in Europe, your device needs to have the GSM900 / GSM1800 frequencies. If you are not sure if your device has these frequencies, or you’re not sure if it is unlocked, simply check with your handset provider.

If your own phone is not compatible, you can purchase a Phone + SIM package from us. Simply choose between a simple handset for calling & texting, or a smartphone for data too!

Can I use tethering / Can I use my phone as a HotSpot?

In our experience, tethering generally works well, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Can I test the Europe Unlimited SIM before I travel?

Yes! The SIM works in the US & Canada, so you can test it before you travel. You get unlimited data and texts in the US and Canada too!

How do I activate the SIM?

We’ll include simple activation instructions when we send your package. Simply follow the steps to log-in and tell us the date that you want to start using your SIM. Your SIM will be active for one month (30 days) from the date you start using it. You can add additional months if you are traveling for longer. Please note that activations may take up to 3 days to process, so we recommend that you activate in advance of your trip.

How long will the SIM be active for?

Your SIM will be active for one month from the date you start using it. You can add additional months if you are traveling for longer.

What kind of Phone Number do I get?

Your Eurobuzz SIM will have a regular US phone number with an area code local to your home address, so it’s easy (& cheap!) for your friends and family back home to contact you as you travel. You could even forward calls from your US cell phone or home phone to this number so you don’t miss any calls while you are away from home.

How am I billed?

When you place your order, the purchase price of your SIM/handset (plus any shipping charges) will be debited from your credit card.

There are no activation charges! When you receive your SIM, simply follow the instructions provided in your package to tell us the date you want to start using it.

When you start using your SIM, you get FREE unlimited data and texts in the Europe Unlimited Countries.

If you make or receive any calls, or if you use your SIM in countries other than the Europe Unlimited Countries, usage charges will be billed to your credit card. You can view statements detailing the charges that we have taken, including fully itemized lists of your usage in your online account. Your online account log-in details will be sent to you when you activate your SIM.

With your EuroBuzz SIM, you can have the confidence that you always know exactly what you are paying to keep in touch as you travel!

Do I need to do anything when I go into a new country?

No. your EuroBuzz SIM will work seamlessly as you arrive in each country or cross borders, so you don’t need to change anything with the phone.

Is there a voicemail service?

Yes. Voicemail is activated as standard on all EuroBuzz phones! (It's one less thing for you to think about before your big trip!) Voicemail is easy to use! Simple instructions are included with your SIM Card in the package.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, of course! If you have any problems, just call or email us! We’re here to help!

Do I need to return my SIM at the end of the trip?

The SIM will be active for one month (30 days) from the date you request. When you have finished with the SIM, there’s no need to return it to us – simply dispose of it responsibly.

Are there any shipping deadlines?

Below are our shipping options. To achieve these times you must place your order before 3:30PM EST.

SIM SIM + Phone
Standard Shipping
2-5 business days
- -
Priority by 3pm
Next business day by 3pm
- -
Priority by 10:30am
Next business day by 10:30am
- -
Saturday Shipping
By noon
- -
Who are EuroBuzz?

I know it may look like we are young and fresh-faced, but our beauty is only skin deep...

Behind the scenes we're really a bunch of grizzled, cell phone service veterans. Some of us have been involved with international cell phones for over 20 years - that's nearly as long as they've existed on Earth! (that's the cell phones, not EuroBuzz staff).

Over that time we've seen many services come and go, but most importantly, we've studied what makes a cell phone service work for you. And now we've put all this experience together, partnered with some of the world's largest cell phone providers, and developed EuroBuzz.

The basic idea behind EuroBuzz is to give you the freedom to use your phone as you travel. It’s our mission to make travel phones simple and affordable – so you can concentrate on enjoying your trip (while calling, texting & emailing home to make those folks jealous, of course!). And what's more important than that?

What type of traveler is EuroBuzz designed for?

Travelers who want the freedom to use their phone as they travel!

All too often we hear stories from frustrated international travellers who tell us that they are afraid to use their phones as they travel. Time and time again, we hear the same horror stories about from hidden roaming charges on calls, expensive international text charges and crazy high data charges!

Here at EuroBuzz, we’re determined to put a stop to all that! That’s why we’ve created a product that truly has totally unlimited data and texts. Plus, we know that sometimes a text or an email just won’t cut it, so we’ve made sure calls are just 30c per minute too. That way, whatever you do with your phone as you travel, you know it won’t break the bank.

So, if you’re the kind of traveler who wants the freedom to use your phone & be confident that you know exactly what you are paying, then EuroBuzz is for you!

europe unlimited sim icon

Europe Unlimited SIM

$50 for 1 month

available as SIM only or with a handset


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Ideal for travel; this phone is easy to use, compact and has a really long battery life.

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